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CS-IT Desk Udaipur Authorized Training Partner with ATN Technologies Private Limited ( Jodhpur ) Leading IT Company in IT Industry working from last 5 Years on US Based Projects .About 1000+ projects has been done by us and 1000+ studnets has trained with our Company. Our Company has well Qualified Experienced Software Development Trainer to Deliver Quality and Result Orinted Services. We provides Live Project Based Training to Computer Science and Information Technology Students ( B.Tech / BCA / BSc (CS) / Diploma / students MCA on world wide web most popular technologies (Web Application Development Training , Mobile Application Development Training ,Search Engine Optimization ,Search Engine Marketing / Industrial Training php Udaipur PHP+MYSQL / J2SE / J2EE / J2ME / Microsoft.NET / ASP.NET / MVC / Codeigniter / Wordpress / Drupal / Zend / Cake / Magento / E-Commerce Solution to fulfill future industry requirement .
We provide Training & Development courses in Core Java / Advance java / Android App Development / ASP.NET 4.5 / ASP.NET MVC / Web API / PHP / PHP MVC / Cake PHP / Codeigniter / Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) in an easy way.

Internship Training For MCA And B.Tech students In Udaipur:

" We will be happy to assist you in your career-oriented 6 Month Internship Program in Udaipur of 2018 in our organization, at CS-IT DESK Udaipur. This is for all BE / Btech / MCA Students on Live Project in our Workshop. It will surely increase your IT skills. "

PHP, ASP.NET,JAVA ,J2EE & Android Summer Training for B.Tech students:

"Summer Training in Udaipur for B.Tech final semester students with Live Project .Industrial training prepares trainees for jobs that are related to some specific task or technical works.By this summer training, the trainee can develop his expertise in a particular technology that he understands ."

ASP.NET MVC development Training :

"In this, CS-IT Desk we will train the trainee to develop advanced ASP.NET MVC and Web Forms applications using .NET Framework.Our focus will be on coding & increasing the ability to code new projects.This will surely enhance the performance of the trainee. This training will help you in getting coding jobs in MNC's."

Android App Developement Training

"Android's framework is open source & free app development framework which let you develop new and innovative apps using some sets of codes. Android app development is a nowadays biggest market in the world.Now CS-IT Desk is here to train you in this new era of Android. your training includes how Android apps work and how you use components to build them.This Training will surely increase your preference for the job ."

Professional Website Training PHP :

"PHP is a open source & server-side HTML embedded scripting language. PHP gives web developers an environment to code for servers with a full set of tools which help the developers in building dynamic and fully efficient internet-based applications. PHP is the language which is very popular in web app development in the world. Get the 6 months Industrial Training in PHP in Udaipur. "

MCA / B.tech Training in Android Apps Development :

"Android is one of the biggest platforms for developers today. There is a huge demand for skilled Android Developers all over the world.Every business across the world are now building Android Apps to increase there business.If you are a student or having the job in the IT industry, possesses the Android Development skills, do visit CS-IT Desk Udaipur once.This Training will surely increase your skills for the job ."

Core & Advanced Java,JSP ,MVC and Struts Training for all. :

"The Java platform is old & very used platform in the software development field ,as it is old & tested many companies now also use it for there work . Knowing about the architecture & nature of Java technology is very important if you are in a IT field where one cannot predict what kind of devices our partners, suppliers and employees can use.This Training will train you in java platform which is used globally for software creation .And this will surely improve your skills in job ."

6 Months Training in PHP, ASP.NET, JAVA & Android:

"CS-IT Desk is an growing Training Center in Udaipur for training the students to build up their career in increasing web technology and IT industry in today's world. We are among the few PHP , ASP.net , JAVA training institutes in Udaipur having experience in software and web technology development.CS-IT Desk ready to serve you in any way ."

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"Job training empowers people to realize their dreams and improve their lives."